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Let Us Be Your Financial Safety Net

Lifestyle Protection Planning provides adequate and immediate financial resources upon survival of an accident or illness such as stroke, heart attack, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, automobile accident, etc.  

Technology allows physicians to save lives at an unprecedented rate.  Fewer people are dying from the so-called “killer diseases” like hypertension, diabetes, heart and cerebrovascular disease.  Too often the by-product of this success is that the survivors succumb to financial death rather than disease.

There are many Lifestyle Protection Planning tools available.  The most cost effective solutions begin by transferring the greatest portion of the risk to an insurance company.  At AMPA, we utilize a wide variety of income protection, long-term care and critical illness insurance policies tailor-made to fit your specific needs.

What Really Matter to Us

Protect your most valuable asset – your ability to earn an income.  In the event of illness or injury, these policies will provide the funds necessary to pay your personal expenses.

We Ensure You’re Fully Protected

These policies provide a daily benefit when someone needs assistance with activities of daily living (bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring, continence and eating) or suffers severe cognitive impairment such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Going Above and Beyond

This type of policy provides a lump sum benefit upon diagnosis of the most costly illnesses and conditions which are:  stroke, heart attack, bypass surgery, angioplasty, life-threatening cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, MS, paralysis, kidney failure, blindness, deafness and major organ transplant.

We know the insurance industry inside and out. AMPA Insurance Agency, Inc. a subsidiary of The American Medical Professions Association offers all kinds of solutions so you can keep everything safe. Send us an email to set up an appointment today.

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