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More than 40 years ago, a group of physicians in Northern California — faced with a crisis in the liability insurance industry that threatened their practices — banded together to start a new policyholder-owned and physician-directed insurance company for the betterment of their fellow physicians. That company was NORCAL Mutual. Forty years later, we’ve grown and evolved to meet the changing needs of the industry, becoming a national company serving multiple generations of physicians, while still holding true to our roots.



Since 2003, AMS RRG has been providing medical liability insurance to a growing number of physicians across a broad range of specialties, and today we are one of the nation’s premier physician risk retention groups.

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With a holding company with over a billion dollars in fresh capital, Ironshore® has become one of the fastest growing companies in the industry, and we truly believe there's never been a better time to be in the insurance business. In fact, we launched Ironshore understanding the market's need for a better model, where clients have access to experienced leadership on a daily basis, and top talent takes the time to understand your business to customize solutions, minimize risk and solve even your most complex problems. We've found that when you go above expectations and think well beyond the industry standard, innovation happens every day. And in an industry where you need to expect the unexpected, this entrepreneurial approach is the best protection you can have when confronting the challenging demands inherent in specialty insurance.

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Centurion Medical Liability Protective is a professional liability insurance company dedicated to providing sound, stable insurance products and quality related services to healthcare providers in Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Tennessee and Texas.  Centurion stands ready to litigate all covered claims in addition to providing unparalleled protection of your reputation and practice.

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Admiral Insurance Group provides excess and surplus lines coverage to commercial risks that generally involve moderate to high degrees of hazard.

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With more than 145 years of experience, hundreds of thousands of individuals, families, and businesses trust Pacific Life to help with their financial future. We have no publically traded stock - we are an independent company that remains focused on long-term strategies, our financial strength, and on making decisions that benefit our policyholders and clients.