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Registered Investment Advisor

Our team of Investment Advisors understand that your financial future depends on a solid financial plan. We provide tailored investment advice focusing on each clients individual needs.

We start by getting to know you as an investor through discussions about risk tolerance, time horizon and your overall financial goals. This approach is crucial in developing a strategy that meets your needs and allows us to build an investment portfolio of assets that are diversified within and among asset classes. We focus on real world situations so we can get to a full understanding of your investment profile and set an appropriate course of action.

We understand life happens and anticipated and sometimes more importantly, unanticipated events can impact your investment profile. That's why we schedule quarterly meetings, but also accept requests for meetings outside of quarterly updates to talk about meaningful changes to your financial situation. 

Your portfolio is custom built using ETFs, Mutual Funds, individual equities and fixed income securities. Your portfolio will be diversified within and across asset classes to maximize gains while reducing risk to create the most efficient portfolio possible. 

Physicians Wealth Management is a Registered Investment Advisor and we charge fees based on assets under management. We don't earn commissions on investments related products and do not share in any commission structure with the brokerage firm where your assets will be held.

Although we are licensed to sell annuity products, we will never recommend them to any client - ever. 

These products go against the Fiduciary nature of our firm as they typically pay a high commission. Annuities can offer protection from downside risk which is appealing in an uncertain market, but they also can come with steep penalties if an investor wants out, therefore there is inherent liquidity risk of these products in addition to market risk on the downside. Additionally, there is risk of missing out on gains during periods of extreme growth.

Our clients enjoy 24/7 access to their accounts online so they always know where their money is at. We offer flexible terms and our clients may cancel their service with a 30 day notice at any time. 

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